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Shoe shine machine for fast and comfortable shoe care

Surely you know shoe shine machines from stays in hotels, on fairs or perhaps on a cruise ship, because they are part of the perfect customer service. Our professional shoe shine machines are also suitable for administrations, law firms, offices and of course also for use in private households. Thanks to sensor they are easy to operate. Wherever our shoe shine machine is used, it takes over the strenuous cleaning movements and thus saves your strength. After pre-cleaning and application of the shoe polish, a soft woollen yarn brush massages the polish into the leather. The subsequent polishing process gives shoes and boots a radiant high shine.

Meanwhile, there are shoe polishers from the Far East, which can be bought cheaply in hardware stores. However, these cheap electric shoe shiners are not comparable with our products. If you are looking for outstanding design, excellent quality and a guarantee that goes far beyond the legal warranty, you cannot get around our shoe shine machines. "Made in Germany" and a minimum 20 years after-sales guarantee for spare parts complete the product.

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